Pens Are a Convenient Way to Promote Any Business

No matter who you are or where you go, people use pens. This is why they make the ideal promo item with your business details on them. You can get them for a low cost and they are easy to hand out or even to mail with documents. This is a powerful way to continue to get your business information to circulate with ease.

Type of Pen

You never want to cut corners though with the quality of a custom promotional pen. Those that don’t look nice or that don’t write well are going to go in the trash or be tossed into a drawer. You need offer something that is visually appealing, easy to grip, and writes very well. It should have long lasting ink too so they can use to for a long time.

The type of business you offer will also influence the type of pen you select. You may want one that is fun or one that looks professional. You may want one that is colorful or one that blends in well. The possibilities are unlimited so freely explore them.

What to Say

You don’t have an abundance of room when it comes to what to say on a custom promotional pen. Therefore, you need to make the most of it so you can share vital details., Your business name and contact information should be on there. Make sure the color of the pen and the lettering used for that information compliment each other well.

If the information is hard to read, no one is really going to benefit from it. When it is crisp and clear though, it makes a huge difference. You also need to make sure the lettering isn’t going to rub off easily. Otherwise, that information becomes impossible to read and it is a just another pen to them.

Working out the Details

The quality of the custom promotional pen products created for you will depend on who you hire to do the job. With that in mind, you need to do your evaluating early on. Don’t settle for the first name you find or the lowest price. You need to have a reasonable price but also quality from a proven provider of such products.

Talk to them to see what options they can extend to you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue yet what you want your custom promotional pen product to look like. They should be patient and willing to share several examples with you. Then you can bring it all together. Nothing will be created until you approve of it and you are very happy with it.

Avoid any provider of custom promotional pen items that tries to rush you. They should give you all the information and time you need. They should also give you personalized attention that allows your business branding to be part of the equation. If all of the products they offer seem to look the same, you need to steer clear of that cookie cutter approach.

Save with Buying Lots of Them

You can buy thousands of custom promotional pen products and save money versus buying just a few hundred of them. The savings extended will vary, depending on who you buy them from. Talk to them about discounts as your goal should be to get the best pen you can for a price that is very low.

Promotional Mugs Are a Delightful Way to Share Business Information

With custom promotional mugs, you have a low cost but highly effective way to be able to reach out to people. Getting information out there about what you offer, how people can contact you, and building your brand are all key to longevity. You want your business to continue to grow and to be profitable. Not only right now, but may decades into the future.

Not all of your advertising dollars need to be focused on pushing products or services you offer. Some of them, such as custom promotional mugs, offer a wonderful way to thank customers and even business contacts for their relationship with you. This is a product most will use so it doesn’t get thrown in a drawer and forgotten.

Make sure you pay for very well made custom promotional mugs though. They should be durable with a lid that fits very good. If the product isn’t quality made, people aren’t going to be happy to use it. The goal is to make it something that is convenient for them and they will reach for it time and time again. Each time they do, they see your business information.

Grab them with Information

The lettering should be large enough they don’t have to get squinty trying to read it. The colors should be reflective of your company logo and other details. This is important so the person using it makes that visual connections to your business when they see it. Keep in mind, the product should be able to hold up well with the lettering too.

If it washes off when you clean the custom promotional mugs or when you put them in the dishwasher, it defeats the purpose. When the flaking starts, the quality of appearance starts to be compromised. This can cause some users to toss it out rather than to continue using it. Even if they do continue using it, the message you share is hindered.

Maximize the Space

You have plenty of space to complete your layout on custom promotional mugs. With that in mind, add a logo and your quotes for the business. Add your phone number, address, and website. To help build trust, add when your business started too if it has been a few years. This will show them you aren’t a flash in the pan business, but rather one that is here to stay!

Pick your Provider

You want custom promotional mugs that look great, hold up over time, and serve your marketing message with information. Share all of this with the provider you plan to work with and see what they can come up with for you. Find a provider who doesn’t charge anything to consult with them and share what they can offer to you. Find out what the price will be per unit.

Often, they will offer you tremendous savings if you buy a larger amount. This reduces the per unit cost so you save money. This is the type of promo item you can give away any time of the year and for any reason. They aren’t going to be out of style any time soon either so there is no reason not to buy in bulk and save. You don’t need tons of space to store them either!

Find out about the quality of the work the provider does before you talk to them about doing work for you. The last thing you need is to be embarrassed by the quality of what they deliver. It is an extension of your business, and it needs to show you care about quality on every level.

ThermoCafe Review

Today’s article focuses on a review of the ThermoCafe mug by Thermos. I have not been paid to promote this product, this is simply an honest review of a product I have found to be very beneficial to me with my particular health problems.

As a person with joint and muscle problems due to hypermobility and fibromyalgia, I do have some problems managing daily tasks that most people are able to do with no problem at all. Recently I have been struggling to lift and hold onto a normal mug which has resulted in splashing burning hot coffee onto myself, wrist strain which has become quite painful and it also ends up leaving a horrendous mess.

I had had enough and decided there must be a better option for someone like me with my problems. I sought advice from others in a group that I belong to and a few people suggested that I look at getting a ThermoCafe mug by Thermos. With the good reviews that they had given it, I decided I had to check it out.

I looked it up online and found it on several websites, described as a desk mug. There were a whole range of different colours and it looked very smart. I found one (in new condition) on eBay for £10 and decided it was worth a try. It arrived very promptly and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

As soon as I took it out of the box, I loved it. The mug itself is lightweight and cool to the touch. It even has a foam, slide resistant base. It weighs about 300g which is much more manageable for me to hold. The fact that the outside remains cool means that it isn’t burning my hand as I hold it. It retains temperature very well, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It means that I’m not wasting half a cup of coffee anymore because it’s gone cold. I no longer have this problem.

The other great feature is the lid. The mug comes with a plastic lid that fits into the top. The lid itself is not totally leak proof but does help prevent me splashing scalding liquid over myself. You can choose to sip through either a small or a larger hole, or you could decide not to use the lid at all.